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The Video Kid is an arcade style skateboarding game developed and published by Pixel Trip Studios. This project was already greenlit in just 13 days, and it’s available on Steam right now. Since the release of the game on January 31, 2017, The Video Kid has received a lot of positive reviews.




Anyone who grew up in the 80s is going to love this game as it is full of 80s nostalgia! Players who are familiar with the game Paperboy are really going to like this game. In The Video Kid, players have more room to move around and see the obstacles ahead, instead of being surprised and hitting a car you didn’t see right in front of you. That’s a big difference!


Goal of the Game

As a video kid, your goal is to skate, hitch, and grind your way through the streets. Deliver videos by throwing them into red mailboxes, and meet Jessica at the park. Avoid obstacles such as cars, trucks, people, fire hydrants, etc. In other words, don’t let Big Bird kill you!



Pick up coins and cash to earn money, and unlock new character outfits, upgrades, and additional tricks. Increase your score by progressing, throwing video tapes at people, making a delivery, and jumping on top of cars.



Keep an eye out for these power-ups:


power up item This item makes the player throw lots of videotapes automatically for a short period of time.


power up itemThis item allows the player to jump really high. Players can jump over taller obstacles for a short period of time.


Once you get hit, the game is over! Players have the option to restart the level or go to the shop to unlock things.




Controls and Gameplay

Like Paperboy, the controls of this game are similar. The difference is in Video Kid, you can’t slow down or speed up. Unlike Paperboy, you can jump over some of the obstacles. Not all obstacles can be jumped over.


Players can move the video kid left and right by pressing the A & D keys, or by pressing left & right arrow keys. The videotapes can be thrown by pressing the space bar or left mouse button. Players also have the option to jump by pressing the W key or up arrow key.


Graphics and Sound

The game uses a 3d engine, and the models are made to look like retro pixel graphics. The quality of the rendering and lighting is good. The graphics are really clean and satisfying. The game runs pretty smooth, even with all the busy stuff going on.


The quality of the sound is good too. There are some voice sounds, that are kind of hard to understand, but I think it adds to the 80s retro theme. The soundtrack is also quite catchy. I’ve had the music stuck in my head for quite a while. The music is still stuck in my head as I’m writing this review.




I talk about this a lot; as an arcade game, I do believe this game is replayable, especially if you’re the competitive type and want to get the highest score. There are also lots of unlockables that keep the players wanting to play. Another thing that keeps me playing this game is trying to find and identify all of the 80s characters.


Thanks again for reading, I hope you liked this game review and give this game a try. Check it out right now on Steam. More posts are coming soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter or follow my RSS feed. Please share this post with your friends.





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