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If you are a programmer like I am, you probably use an IDE or a source code editor to write your code. My favorite code editor is Notepad++ because this program has a lot of very cool shortcuts that are easy to use and saves lots of time. In this post, I will show you the shortcuts that I like to use. I will only show the shortcuts that I think is useful for programming. I’ll begin starting with the basics commands.


Shortcut Keys


File Commands

Ctrl+N = New File
Ctrl+O = Open File
Ctrl+S = Save File
Ctrl+Alt+S = Save As
Ctrl+Shift+S = Save All


Edit Commands

Ctrl+C = Copy
Ctrl+X = Cut
Ctrl+Z = Undo
Ctrl+Y = Redo
Ctrl+A = Select All



Search Commands (Basic)

Ctrl+F = Find
Ctrl+H = Find and Replace
Ctrl+Alt+I = Incremental Search
Ctrl+G = Go to Line Number / Offset


Zoom Commands

Ctrl+NumPlus or Ctrl+MouseWheelUp = Zoom In
Ctrl+NumMinus or Ctrl+MouseDown = Zoom Out
Ctrl+NumSlash = Restore Default Zoom


Line Operations

Ctr+D = Duplicate Current Line
Ctrl+L = Delete Current Line
Ctrl+T = Swap Current Line with previous line
Ctrl+J = Join Lines
Ctrl+I = Split Lines
Ctrl+Shift+Up = Move Current Line Up
Ctrl+Shift+Down = Move Current Line Down
Ctrl+Alt+Enter = Insert Blank Line Above Current Line
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Enter = Insert Blank Line Below Current Line


Case Commands

Ctrl+U = Convert Selected to lower case
Ctrl-Shift+U = Convert Selected to UPPER CASE
Alt+U = Proper Case
Alt+Shift+U = Proper Case (Blend)
Ctrl+Alt+U = Sentence Case
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U = Sentence Case (Blend)


Comment Commands

Ctrl+Q = Toggle Single Line Comment
Ctrl+K = Single Line Comment
Ctrl+Shift+K = Single Line Uncomment
Ctrl+Shift+Q = Block Comment



Auto-Completion Commands

Ctrl+Space = Function Completion
Ctrl+Enter = Word Completion
Ctrl+Shift+Space = Function Parameters Hint
Ctrl+Alt+Space = Path Completion


Run Commands

F5 = Run
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X = Launch in Firefox
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I = Launch in Internet Explorer
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R = Launch in Chrome
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F = Launch in Safari


Other Commands

F11 = Toggle Full-screen
F12 = Post-It (Hides Tabs and Toolbars)








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