Pixel Art Tutorial #6: Happy Trees (A Tribute to Bob Ross)


Welcome back to another pixel art tutorial! Today we will be drawing happy trees by following the same steps we normally do. This tutorial will be really easy & fast┬ábecause you already know the necessary steps you need to draw. Start up your favorite editor you like to use for drawing graphics and let’s get started.


Step 1: Shapes

Let’s start with our basic shapes: triangle and cylinder (or rectangle).


Trees Step 1

Step 2: Detail (around edges)

Next, add detail to your shape around the edges.

Trees Step 2

Step 3: (Detail inside shape)

Then add some detail inside of the shapes.

Trees Step 3

Step 4: Main Colors

Fill-in your main colors.

Trees Step 4

Step 5: Shading and Highlighting (Branches)

Focus on the branches of the tree first. Begin adding your shading color, then finish by adding your highlight color.Trees Step 4.5

branches with shading

Trees Step 5

branches with highlights

Step 6: Shading and Highlighting (Tree trunk)

Now the same with the tree trunk; add your shading color, then add your highlight color.


Trees Step 7

tree trunk with shading

Trees Step 8

tree trunk with highlights

Step 9:

Before you finish your work, remember to add shadow. Since our light source is coming from the top, the tree branches will cast a shadow on the tree trunk. Add your shadow and you’re done!

Trees Step 9

Now that you’ve drawn your first tree, give it a friend! Hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. Now that you know the basics of pixel art, these tutorials will go by very fast. There are still more tutorials coming up. I will show you how to draw different things to sharpen your skills. Thank you for reading!


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