Learn How to Make Games by Modding Games


Before you begin reading, let me clarify that this is not a tutorial on how to make game mods. This is a story on how I learned how to make video games by making mods for games. This post is a whole lot different than my other blog posts, but I just want to share this because I think it would help a lot of people understand how a video game is put together.


A few years ago I was playing a 3D first person shooter game, and I noticed the game had mod tools that you could download. I got on their website and downloaded them. After reading the manuals that were included, I started to make my first mod. When I started, I loaded my game, and nothing happened. I kept going on the forums and asking a bunch of questions. Luckily, the people on the forums were nice enough to take their time to answer my questions.


After many hours of practice, I was able to mod the game. I made new weapons, playable characters, and added extra levels. It was like a totally different game. I showed my work to my family and friends. They couldn’t believe that I made this. The cool thing about the game was that it was multiplayer, and it had a cooperative game mode. I was able to share the mod with my friends and family and we got to play it.


I learned a lot as I was modding the game. I learned how an entire game was put together. I learned what makes a game fun and playable. I learned how to use a lot of applications that you can use to make video games such as 3DS Max & Photoshop.


What I didn’t learn was programming. I had to read lots and lots of books on how to do that. There are some good resources online to learn programming, but they don’t teach you how to put a game together with what you learn from programming. If you looked hard enough you can find it, but it’s difficult to find which library, game engine, or SDK (short for Software Development Kit) is right for you. That’s why I put this site together, because I wanted to help other people who are trying to find the same answers.


Now the big question: “How do I to start modding?”


This can only be done on computer games, not console games. Not all computer games can be modded either. The best way to find out is to list the games you have and use the search engine. Put the name of you game and add “mod tools” at the end of your search.


If you can find mod tools for your game, then great! I recommend you do this to gain a better understanding on how video games are made. I hope a lot of you reader found this post useful, and I hope you too some day will be able to make a fun exciting game!


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