KauerGames Presents: Warriors of Ari

Discover the Astonishing Secrets Behind the Warriors of Ari! 

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As you keep reading this briefing, you may naturally feel—more and more—the urgency behind our call to action!

We call for you from a planet far beyond earth—light years away, in fact—a planet that Earth calls kepler-62e, called Garoke by its inhabitants. On Garoke, live several intelligent human-like species that build cities, roads, and weapons. Their battling lands are also controlled by their own governments.

A nation of felines called the Clowder Alliance is now at war with a nation across the seas, the evil Ophidian Empire. It is the goal of the Empire to enslave the felines once again, the same way they did 519 years ago.

Weapon Specialist Katrick Mewtron, once a greatly adored friend and sworn keeper of the security of his nation had some funding cut to his projects and research due merely to lack of funds. In a fit of rage, he turned on his friends and betrayed his country by selling his services to the Ophidians (also known as the Oafs). With Katrick working for the Empire, he gained access to a high selection of venom, all of which are illegal in his home country.

Katrick finally completed his project, giving the Oafs a new platform of weapons capable of controlling the minds of their enemies. The first is a toxic concoction that lasts temporarily but wears off over time. The second criminal device requires surgery; it’s placed on top of the brain, turning the felines into slave cyborgs! With these new weapons, the Empire gained control of the Alliance’s politicians’ and military leaders’ minds, making it easier to position their army and take the capital.

The Oaf’s vicious leader, Cobra, commanded the Ophidian Empire to invade the Atun region that rightfully belongs to the Alliance. Only a few soldiers managed to escape the great battle. Other survivors were captured and turned into cyborgs. The Empire then hired mercenaries to capture the escapees. This is, indeed, a very dark chapter in the history of this nation.

But, when hope was at its frailest, and the Clowder Alliance’s military crippled, a society known as the Ancient Warriors volunteered to fight. The whole entire nation placed all of their trust in this group of volunteers as they were the only hope in saving this once great nation.

Now, we call for you to help them in their fight. You know you have to make a decision about which side you are on. You have to decide to either join the Clowder Alliance or let the evil Ophidians reign with terror. Please, fully consider allowing yourself to get in touch with the feelings that come from being part of a long line of warriors that fight for their lands, their freedoms, their families, and their very lives! Join us in our fight to rid the nation of those who would rule us in tyranny!

Begin your adventure soon!


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