Don’t Waste Time While Compiling Your Program, Try This Instead…


Today’s post is going to be really short, but really clever. It’s a neat trick I came up with while I was programming my game.


When working on large projects, programmers have to wait a long time for the programs to compile. After waiting and testing my game, I grew tired of waiting for the program to run. Sometimes, I just got up from my chair and finished other tasks while my game was compiling, such as getting the mail, finish the laundry, sweep the floors, cleaning, etc. After a few minutes, I totally lose focus on my game, and I get a bunch of other things done instead. When I get back to my desk, I notice that my game has been running for an hour.


I came up with a simple solution that fixes the problem. Programmers can get out of their desks and get other tasks done while the program is compiling, and receive a notification when the program is ready to test. The solution is very easy to setup, but you have to have the right hardware.


A couple of years ago, I entered a giveaway and won a pair of Jam wireless headphones that looked exactly like the image shown above. I decided to connect the Bluetooth headphones to my computer. Then I downloaded a sound file; it can be any sound file, but I got one that played a loud beep. On my program, I wrote a few lines of code that would tell the program to play that sound when the program starts. That way, I can just put on my headphones, and when I hear that “BEEP!”, I knew that my program was ready to look at.


Sounds really simple and stupid, but it helps me a lot. I can get other things done while my program is compiling and receive a notification when it’s ready. Since they’re Bluetooth headphones, I can’t go very far, but I can go anywhere inside the house, and few places in the yard.


Of course, you don’t have to use Bluetooth headphones, you can use something else to receive a notification. Be creative!


Be Creative


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