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Disastr_Blastr is an abstract arcade-style action shooter game created by Dog Theory Games. The game was released on November 21st, 2016. Since then, the game has received a good number of positive reviews. For a simple shooter game, it’s very entertaining and addicting. For those of you who are a fan of abstract art, this is a fun game to add to your steam collection.


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Controls and Gameplay

I really love the gameplay of this game; it’s fast-paced, the levels are big, and the objectives of the levels are simple and fun. Players control a dark cube with a glowing green outline that fires glowing green square bullets. The controls for the game are quite easy too. Players can use the mouse to aim, left click to shoot, and W, S, A, and D keys or arrow keys to move around.



There are several weapons that players can pick up by walking over these squares:

Disastr_Blastr Weapons of the Game


There are five that I’m going to show you, but I think there may be more:

The first weapon, shown in the picture above acts as a laser beam. This allows the player to shoot a long, heavy-damage laser beam, making it easier to take down high-HP targets. The second weapon shoots three straight bullets side-by-side. The third weapon shoots bullets in three different directions. The fourth weapon acts as a full-auto weapon. The last weapon, shown in the image acts as a shotgun; the weapon shoots five rounds and spreads from the direction the players shoot.



Goal of Game

The goals are different in each level. There are some levels that auto-scroll and players have to survive until they reach the end of the level by moving over a green square.

Disastr_Blastr level finish


There are also other levels where the player has to destroy all target blocks. These target blocks are marked red, and the level is timed. Players have to hurry and fight through other blocks to get to the target blocks before the time runs out.

Disastr_Blastr Destroy Red Blocks



Graphics and Sound

The graphics of this game is made to look retro and abstract. I really like abstract art so it’s quite appealing to me, but for those of you Epilepsy, you might not want to play this game. My only complaint is the menu navigation. When players start out playing this game, they need to be able to know where the buttons navigate. After players choose the difficulty, there are three squares. The first one takes the player to the options menu. Second, plays the game. Third, exits the game.

Disaster_Blaster Menu Navigation


The pause menu has a lot of arrows: First, restarts the levels, second resumes the game, and third navigates the player to the main menu. There’s also that little button there that takes players to the options menu.

Disastr_Blastr Pause Menu


This game has a really good soundtrack, the music is quite soothing. The sound effects of the weapons have sort of an 8-bit synth sound; I really like that, it makes the game sound really fun, and it takes you several years back at the arcade machines. The music when you complete the level makes players feel like a winner.




The developer of the says that the game has 100+ stages of cortex-shattering cubic mayhem and that the design is based on randomness, and no level ever plays out exactly the same way twice. I think that’s proof enough, but if it’s not, let me tell you that I have already played this game for hours. Then I came back to play the game to take screenshots for this post, but I got side-tracked and played this even longer. I believe you gamers will have a lot of entertainment with this one, and I believe this game is definitely replayable.

Disastr_Blastr Level Select



Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this review and give this game a try. Check it out right now on Steam. More posts are coming soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter or follow my RSS feed. Please share this post with your friends if you would like.




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