Additional Software You Will Need for Game Design


Most of you experienced game developers already know this, but for those of you who are new to this sort of thing; Game engines and SDKs don’t provide you with all the tools you need to make a complete video game, you need more software. Most likely you will need software for writing music, modifying or creating sounds, 3D modeling and graphics editors.


Below this paragraph I have three categories. In these categories, I have a list of 3d modeling software, graphics software, and music / audio software. I placed music and audio in the same category because most of the music software has recording options that you can put into your music projects.


3D Modeling Software:



Autodesk 3DS Max

Autodesk Maya



Blender (Open Source)


Graphics Software:



Adobe Photoshop CC — Cost: $19.99 per month | Free 30-Day Trial

Adobe Illustrator CC — Cost: $19.99 per month | Free 30-Day Trial

Pro Motion NG — Cost: $59.00 + $29 if you want upgrades | There is also a limited free edition for this software



Pyxel Edit (Windows & Mac)

GraphicsGale (Windows)

ASEPRITE (Windows, Mac & Linux)

GIMP open-source (Windows, Mac & Linux)

Paint.NET (Windows)

Synfig Studio open-source (Windows, Mac & Linux)

Inkscape open-source (Windows, Mac & Linux)

Krita open-source (Windows, Mac & Linux)

Sumo Paint (ONLINE)

Grafx2 open-source (Windows, Mac & Linux)



Music / Audio Software:



FL Studio

Magix Music Maker

Adobe Audition CC Cost: $19.99 per month | Free 30-Day Trial



FamiTracker – For those of you who want to write 8-bit music.


DarkWave Studio




Take your time, and look through these programs, see which one you like before making any purchases. I like to watch YouTube videos of the software in action. Also check and make sure the software you get, exports you projects into usable files in your game. Especially when you are modeling 3D Graphics. With a lot of game engines that are out there, there are only a few programs you can use. That’s why I only showed 3ds max, Maya, and Blender, because they are the most common ones, and game engines have plugins for only those programs usually.Before I end this post here, I want to share a website called On this website, you can make a ton of cool sound effects for you video game. I had a lot of fun messing with this website, and I made a ton of cool sounds for my game.

Thank you for reading this post, and please check out my other posts if you haven’t yet. I will work on some more posts really soon, and I’m hoping to add some videos, and share some of my video games in the works.


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