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The Clowder Alliance is now at war with a nation across the seas, the evil Ophidian Empire. It is the goal of the Empire to enslave the felines once again.


Katrick Mewtron Warriors of Ari

Weapon Specialist Katrick Mewtron, once a greatly adored friend and sworn keeper of the security of his nation has funding cuts to his projects and research. In a fit of rage, he turns on his friends and betrays his country by selling his services to the Ophidians, otherwise known as Oafs. 

Katrick finally completes his project, giving the Oafs a new platform of weapons capable of controlling the minds of their enemies. The Empire brainwashes the Alliance’s politicians’ and military leaders’ minds, making it easier to position their army and take the capital.

The Empire invades the Atun region, that rightfully belongs to the Alliance. Only a few soldiers manage to escape the great battle. Other survivors were captured and turned into cyborgs. The Empire then hires mercenaries to capture the escapees. This is, indeed, a very dark chapter in the history of this nation.

Kitty, Smokey, Clancy, Master Meow, Gizmo and Mordecai

But, when hope was at its frailest, and the Alliance’s military crippled, a society known as the Warriors of Ari volunteers to fight. 

Join us in our fight to rid the nation of those who would rule us in tyranny!


Your Adventure Begins Now!

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